About us

Who are we?

We are a group of sports clubs with 9 sites in Belgium (Brugge, Grimbergen, Mechelen, Waregem, Meise, Verrebroek, Roeselare, Lommel and Bree) and 2 in the Netherlands (Hoogerheide and Kerkrade). The basis in each of our clubs is padel. As pioneers in padel sport, we are trying to do our bit to publicise and integrate it as the ‘fastest-growing sport in the world’.

But above all, we are people who love sport and want to share our passion with others. So as well as padel, we offer a whole range of sports activities: channel your inner Federer in tennis, jump like crazy in our trampoline parks, demonstrate your football skills à la Ibrahimovic on our padbol courts, reveal your inner Ronaldinho on our soccer5 pitches, ... You can do it all with us!


At Arenal,
our game is based on 4 pillars:
peace of mind.

That’s why Arenal is a match...
For your partner,
your kids,
your buddies,
your colleagues,
your strangers.

Arenal is made for friendship
without any age limit, nor talent.

Padel, tennis, trampoline...
Young, old, small, tall...
There's always something bouncing.
A ball, a kid.
Laughs, cheers.

Arenal is easy and healthy.
Pleasure meets progress.
Body meets mind.

Nice to meet you!

Arenal. Play with us.