Arenal x Pink Peaks Climbing

Arenal x Pink Peaks Climbing

The new Pink Peaks climbing gym is opened in the Arenal sports complex in Grimbergen .

The festive opening is scheduled for Friday, April 28, 2023 .

The founders meet the growing demand of climbers through an innovative and broad offering in two climbing halls . A climbing room of 450 square meters for bouldering and a climbing room with 42 ropes for vertical climbing.

The bouldering area  has climbing walls up to five meters high and crash mats under the climbing routes ensure safety. The climbing routes are puzzles that you solve with technique, strength and thinking. In the longitudinal climbing room  you can climb up to 14.5 meters high with the security of a rope, a climbing harness and a safety device. Longitudinal climbing is always done in pairs. Both rooms are accessible with a single entrance or pass.

In the coming months,  indoor bouldering, length climbing and outdoor rock climbing lessons will be given in collaboration with Bergsport Vlaams Brabant. With a recreational youth program we hope to encourage children to practice climbing and mountain sports. Adults will also certainly feel addressed.

The founders are Maxime Louis, former manager of Decathlon Evere and climbing enthusiast, and his partner Kyril Wittouck, entrepreneur and mountain enthusiast. They hope to share their passion with visitors to Pink Peaks. The spectacular opening  of Pink Peaks will take place on the weekend of April 28-30, 2023 . The opening weekend starts with a festive evening on Friday. The three days will be dedicated to discovery and initiations at reduced prices for children and adults